Welcome to the Prowood Tricktionary!

Here are the first five trick tips for you to start with. Learn this tricks and you WILL impress! The tricktionary will continue to be updated as new and great materials are found. Check us out!

Youtube Channel Trick and Link
...Sugadig... Impossible
...TechDecker72... Backside Flip
...sk8nfingers... Hard Flip
...WuFingerboards... Frontside Bigspin

Switch Lazerflip-

First, you need is to learn the flip. Then, learn the switch heelflip. You can also try it down stuff because that's easier. Hope you enjoy ;)


First Step- Place your front finger on the nose of the board and back finger on the middle of the board, covering the whole thing
Second Step- roll forward and push down with your front finger on the nose and slide your back finger up
Third step- Level the board WHILE in the air
Fourth step- push down and roll away

Fakie BS flip

Pop The tail with a slight scoop. Then flick your front finger out off the corner of the board. after that wait for your grip to show then gently put your fingers down and then ride away to sweet success.


1. pop the board.
2. flick fingers away from you
3. catch
4. Land
5. ride away

Nollie Kickflip Varial

1. Place your index finger on the outmost corner of the deck and your middle finger flat on the center.
2.Give the deck a sharp pop with your index finger.
3. Pull your index finger towards you for spin and flick your middle finger off the side of the deck for twist.
4. Level out straight,catch, and land!

The Chaos Flip

how to: First have your fingers in the regular ollie position second pop the tail like an ollie and push your middle finger out. (it will help if you push your rist out also).Third for the best flip (in the air) flick your index finger back then land it. The chaos flip.

Switch Tre

1. pop the board like you're going to do a switch pop shuv, except with a bit more force so it can go around 360 degrees
2. while using the index finger to spin the board, mildly brush the middle finger off the dip of your board or concave so that it would do 1 kickflip while it spins 360 degrees
3. once you see the board flip and spin 360 degrees, land on the bolts and ride away.


First you pop a boned ollie, next you flick 2 times harder off the nose and make sure you flick between the dip and the tip off the nose, thats it, so go and try this awesome trick

Varial Kickflip

1. pop the board
2. Start to do a pop shuvit
3 slide your index finger away from your body faster and further than you would on a regualr pop shuvit
4. Catch
5. Land and ride away.

The Prowood Trick

Just a trick for fun. WE love the enthusiasm!

Switch Hardflip

1.Roll Up
3.And the trickiest one u FLICK into the POCKET of ur deck and AWAY from u.
4.,Get ur fingers away from the board and wait for the riptape to come up
5.Land! :]
and sw hardflips: ur deck does the frontside flip rotation but ur fingers dont!!!

Frontside BigSpin Noseslide

Kickflip Under Over Flip

Kickflip BS Tail Slide

Nollie Noseblunt Flipout

- Mini Ramp Basics

Backside Crooked Grind

Kickflip Frontside Lipslide

Frontside Big Heels

Nollie Noseblunt Flipout


Dolphin Flip
Prowood Flip

Ollie Blunt Bigspeen Heel Out

Pressure Flip

Front Side Flip

Late Pop Shove It

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