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Amazingly thin, uncut sheets of New, Super Thin Pro-tape. Package of 4 sheets.

Each sheet is 105mm long, 32mm wide, and .9mm thick. This sheet is big enough to cover even the widest of fingerboards.

New Super thin Pro-Tape is even thinner than our original 1.5mm Pro-tape!

Pro-Tape rip style is a soft and SUPER grippy tape for the most demanding fingerboarder. It will last longer and out perform any other tape on the market.

Prowood Pro-Tape comes from our own exclusive tape manufacture. We designed the new tape to exceed all the industry standards - super thin, super grippy, super soft, easy to cut and work with- and FAR BETTER than our competitors.

Keefa Watson
5 of 5 Stars
Brilliant tape, has a wonderful feel for less the price compared to prowood's competitors, and its AMAZING quality!! feels like brand new riptape !! very sticky aswell !
Reina Lewis
5 of 5 Stars
Best grip to buy on a low budget! Feels just like the new rip tape, but even better!! It's just as thin, but is even more grippy, and is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders!
Young Gwang Cho
5 of 5 Stars
It's the best riptape! I think it's better than FBS.! also it's very THIN! I love it!
Chris Becker
4 of 5 Stars
It's the best tape yet better than fbs but it only lasts a week if you fingerboard for 30-1:00hr. 15 min last a about 3 weeks
sean dunn
5 of 5 Stars
very thin! amazing for the price! and veryyyyy grippy! also feels great on your fingers. i love it!
Michael Jaffe
5 of 5 Stars
I love this tape, the first time i tried it i thought it was poris, like riptape, but i don't like riptape and like FBS Extra Smooth more. I had second thoughts after ordering three packs of it withmy Rastadellic board having it applied too, but recently I went to my friends house and bought a piece off of him. The first time I touched it the grip was INSANE. My friend said he didn't even wear it in and it felt so grippy it was unthinkable. The pores are actually very nice, even for a person who likes smooth tape. And with all of this grip, IT'S STILL SOFT! I can't wait to get my packs in, thank you ProwoodJim and the rest of Prowood Fingerboards for your amazing products!
nicholas mockli
5 of 5 Stars
this pro tape is a very good tape because of its grip and feeling i would highly recommend this tape because other tapes need to be worked in but this tape is already worked in as soon as you buy it and the more you use it the gripier it gets and the softer it gets it fits on all fingerboards up to 26mm to 30mm and is most probably the longest lasting tape on the market that i know.
Lorelai Grutas
5 of 5 Stars
very grippy and super soft can fit to any board 4 for 8 bucks you cant beat it