Super Thin Pro-Tape


I love this tape, the first time i tried it i thought it was poris, like riptape, but i don't like riptape and like FBS Extra Smooth more. I had second thoughts after ordering three packs of it withmy Rastadellic board having it applied too, but recently I went to my friends house and bought a piece off of him. The first time I touched it the grip was INSANE. My friend said he didn't even wear it in and it felt so grippy it was unthinkable. The pores are actually very nice, even for a person who likes smooth tape. And with all of this grip, IT'S STILL SOFT! I can't wait to get my packs in, thank you ProwoodJim and the rest of Prowood Fingerboards for your amazing products!
Date Added: 01/30/2011 by Michael Jaffe