Pro-Trucks - Truck and Wheel Assembly (Wide)

Alex Basaraba
Im not sure...Im gonna buy a 4 Corner Deck and buy the trucks here because they come with wheels but does this set of trucks come with Bearing Wheels? yes, the trucks all come with basic bearing wheels...

Pro-Trucks - Truck and Wheel Assembly (Wide)

Halli Kim
Ok I really recommend these trucks because they slide so well on my obstacles and the most amazing this is they come with bearing wheels as well, how good is that! I really think prowood trucks are the best....


Keefa Watson
great! really useful, especially the high quality bushings.

Super Thin Pro-Tape

Keefa Watson
Brilliant tape, has a wonderful feel for less the price compared to prowood's competitors, and its AMAZING quality!! feels like brand new riptape !! very sticky aswell !...

Veneer Pack

Kevin Yang
I loved this product and I will buy more soon :)
Also I will buy other stuff soon when I get the money :) thanks prowood...

Pro-Trucks - Truck and Wheel Assembly (Wide)

Reina Lewis
These trucks are very durable! I highly recommend using them with a bushing kit, and washers for a nice loose or tight ride. They fit on any brand decks, and don't have kingpins popping out from the bottom of the base plates. Mix, and match base plates and hangers for a unique setup!...