Fingerboard Facts


About Our Fingerboards


Prowood Fingerboards® are handmade in our workshop, located in Palmyra, Indiana, USA. We have sold thousands of boards since we began back in January 2008 on Ebay and now through our own website. We have continually added more molds and equipment as our orders have increased. Our quality and customer service is the best in the business. Check out all our rave reviews on Youtube at our channel, ProwoodJim.


Our Veneer
Prowood Fingerboards® are made of 5 plys of .020" wood veneer. The first, third, and fifth plys are AAA grade Maple. The second and the fourth plys are a dark hardwood. We have found this combination of wood gives the Prowood a unique feel and great pop. To finish, every Prowood Fingerboard is sprayed with 8-10 coats of clear acrylic lacquer to give it a durable and attractive finish.


We currently offer boards in sizes ranging from 26mm width- 32mm width (extra wide). Some board designs are available only in specific sizes, like our Rastadelic. This helps us keep our production running efficiently while keeping our costs 'customer' friendly.


We test fit trucks on every board to guarantee hole alignment. Prowood is the maker of the highest quality fingerboards available today.


If by chance you do have a issue due to a defect in our craftsmanship, simply return your product to me for a replacement.


Fingerboards Models


Prowood currently offers three model boards:


The Classic is our fan favorite, tried and true board.® To ensure even better performance we re-shaped and re-engineered this board in 2011 to be even better. With more elliptical shaped ends, the Classic shape boards have medium to high kicks and medium concave. The 29mm Classic is approximately 100-101mm long, the 30mm is approximately 102mm long and 32mm is approximately 104mm in length.
Classic View
The Extreme is a little shorter,with a little bit deeper concave and higher, more defined kicks. Our riders LOVE this. The board is 'just a little' bit shorter between the kicks.® Tricks are even easier this boards with the same great, lasting pop as our tried and true classic.® The 29mm length is approximately 99mm long, the 30mm is approximately 100mm long and 32mm is approximately 101mm long.

Extreme Model
The Venti is a little longer between the kicks and a just a bit longer overall, designed to accommodate bigger fingers or a preference for a longer board.® Kicks are medium high, with deep defined dips. The concave is medium. Great for vert tricks! Approximately 98-99mm long.
Venti Fingerboard, side view