About Us

Welcome to Prowood Fingerboards®-




My name is Jim Vickers, creator of Prowood Fingerboards®. Prowood is a family owned business and I'd like you to get to know more about me and my family and as we create your custom boards, we hope to get to know you too! As our customer, your wants and needs are the key to understanding and growing our business and that is why we put your needs at the forefront of our product development efforts. So, let's get to know each other. I can't wait!


Our History.....
Back in 2008, my son, Weston, didn't have $60 to buy an expensive fingerboard from Germany, so he asked me to make one for him. I made him one, creating a mold from bondo and hand coloring the wood and he loved it! So did his friends. They begged me to make more, so I experimented with different shapes, concave and graphics. I created my first boards and soon started selling them on eBay. They were an instant success and soon after that, I built a webstore and started selling my fingerboards and all the related accessories online at www.ProwoodFingerboards.com.


Our Family Business.....
As to fingerboard business, that's where our whole family gets involved. From the creation of the decks in our workshop, to sales and marketing, to testing out the boards and trying new tricks, to simply playing around, you will see we all love and help with Prowood Fingerboards. You will find us fingerboarding- in the car, on the kitchen table, on the school bus, at McDonalds. It's a great past time, that all of us can enjoy! We believe fingerboarding should be about fun! You can fingerboard anywhere, just use your imagination and you have a new and fun place to skate, every day of the year!


Our Success and a Huge Thank You....
We work hard every day to create quality fingerboards and accessories, at very reasonable prices. I believe that because of that, we have had very great success that is a direct result of our CUSTOMERS, just like you, who believe in our products and what we do!


I promise to you, that in return for YOUR dedication, I will always dedicate myself to continually seek improvement and perfection in my processes and products. As always, I will to ask for your inputs and suggestions and I will be available to you through facebook, youtube, email and selected forums. I will also support events, charities and your fundraising efforts. In short, as is my practice, I will do my very best everyday to bring the products you want and need to you at the most reasonable prices that I can.


Jim Vickers
Owner, Prowood Fingerboards®