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Make a Fingerboard!

It’s Make A Fingerboard Month!!!

I wanted to let you know that we have a lot of great things going on at Prowood Fingerboards right now, including a terrific sale on all of our ‘Make a Fingerboard’ supplies. Everything you need to custom create or design your own fingerboard is on sale now!

Have you seen our new fingerboard ramps and obstacles? I’m working hard to keep them in stock. Watch our website for updates! I am pretty proud of how well crafted they are. Have you seen them? Do you have feedback for me? We have sold a lot of our boxes, slants and banks so be sure to order now to ensure you can get exactly what you want!

Like I said, we are celebrating ‘Make a Fingerboard’ month! In addition to the great sale prices on these products, we are also hosting a contest. Make a fingerboard (or design your own fingerboard) and you could win big! Details in the facebook or Youtube. Contest ends November 30.

To enter the contest, you will simply need to post a picture of a fingerboard you have made or designed on our facebook or twitter pages.

Not sure where or how to get started? Check out this helpful ‘Make A Fingerboard’ chart:

Make a fingerboard helper

Get started making a fingerboard with Prowood!

Whether you want to make a board using our veneer, or you simply have a great design in mind, here at Prowood Fingerboards, we can help you Make a Fingerboard. Easy peasy!

Lastly, we are hosting team tryouts! All details are posted in Artur’s video. We hope you will consider making a video and tryout out for our team. We can’t wait to see what you have to offer up!

Good luck to you all and get those entries in before December 15th!

More Fingerboard Ramps and Obstacles? YES!

I am very pleased to report that we have been super busy, here at Prowood Fingerboards.  We’ve been selling our fingerboards, as always, but I am also happy to report that we are doing well with our new fingerboard ramps too.  Haven’t seen all the news ones yet? Take a sneak peek here!

Two Ledges Bank, New Fingerboard Obstacle

Two Ledges Bank, New Fingerboard Obstacle

We are very pleased to announce our new Two Ledges Bank, Fingerboard Obstacle, priced starting at: $31.99.  This beautifully hand-crafted, 1/2″ architectural plywood Two Ledge Bank obstacle will keep you entertained for hours! Two ledges for twice as much fun with a great bank for extra options. Ledges lined with square coping for even more trick options! Amazaing craftsmanship here!

Height: 4″ (top level)
Width: 10″
Length: 11 ”
Lower ledge is 2″

Fingerboard Box Obstacle

Fingerboard Box Obstacle

Next, check out our Fingerboard Box Obstacle, priced starting at: $15.99. Check out this beautifully hand-crafted, 1/2″ plywood Box obstacle. This beautiful wooden box comes with with square coping for even more trick options.

Height: 1 9/16″
Width: 4 1/16″
Length: 11 1/4″

Fingerboard Kicker Obstacle

Fingerboard Kicker Obstacle

Beautifully crafted Kicker ramp made from 1/2 architectural plywood, priced starting at $17.99.  Super smooth finish with a sick, smooth and slick edging make this a #1 choice in fingerboard ramps! You won’t believe the craftsmanship!

Height: 3″
Width: 8″
Length: 8 1/2″

Picnic Table Fingerboard Obstacle

Picnic Table Fingerboard Obstacle

Starting at: $24.95, this beautifully crafted Picnic Table obstacle made of 1/2″ architectural plywood. Super smooth finish with a sick, smooth and slick edging make this a #1 choice in fingerboard ramps! You won’t believe the craftsmanship!

Height: 3″
Width: 6 9/16″
Length: 10″

This table will provide hours of enjoy and look great in any park! The table is topped with aluminum sliders for even more fun.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that all of our obstacles are hand-crafted, right here in the USA?

I’ll close this article for now, but watch here for more updates.  You won’t believe what is coming next!



New Graphics and Sale!

Hello friends!
I wanted to let you know that as we are starting to gear up for the upcoming season, we have 6 new board graphics available and now on sale on our website, www.ProwoodFingerboards.com. The graphics have come to us from a variety of designers and we are truly having a difficult time in choosing our favorites! If you decide, shoot us an email and let us know what you

In addition, to make room for these awesome fingerboards, we are now offering several of our fingerboards at super low prices. We will be retiring several designs, including ‘Caution‘, ‘Colors‘, ‘Rastadelic‘, ‘Fickle‘ , ‘Wild Rose‘ and ‘Close‘. You will find super great prices on the last of these boards, right on the front page of our website! Check them out while supplies last!

Finally, we have 3 rough samples of our new obstacles in the works, including a new half pipe and a box. We are hoping to have these in stock in our stores in September as long as production runs smoothly. As always, we will be offering great quality products at reasonable prices – all made in the USA. Watch for these soon!

Hit me up with questions, comments and more!

Jim Vickers
Prowood Fingerboards

Updates – New Graphics and Ramps


It has been a bit busy with trying to get a kiddo off to college, 2 others to start their school years here and another one moving off to Colorado. I’m still making boards, but also juggling a lot of other things.. and NOT (sadly) taking the time to update my posts here.

Our Team Captain, Jacob, has an awesome new Pro-Model board available. Check it out and let me know what you think. Sadly, our previous captain, Phillip, has finally retired as he is now working full time, going to school etc. Sometimes, life does get in the way of fingerboarding.

So, I’m back to focusing on the business and getting us prepped for the upcoming season. I’ve got a few new graphics I want to offer and I am getting ramp samples from some a local supplier in the next week. I will be super excited if the quality turns out as expected and my goal is to be able to start to offer ramps and obstacles on the site again, by September 1.

Fingerboard Designs

Post your thoughts below on these fingerboard design ideas.

Ok, for now, I’m looking for feedback on these graphics. Post your comments below!

Thanks and I hope to chat again soon!


We are super excited for 2013 here at Prowood Fingerboards. We are working hard on getting some new products and updating others. We just released a new graphic and there will be plenty more to come.

What do you think about our Beach Graphic?
Beach Fingerboard

We have some exciting web updates almost ready to install and a new web tool that we think will blow your mind!

Check it out! We think you are going to like it!

How I Found Fingerboards?

Hi guys,

I am Rose and I live in Hong Kong. I have been on the Prowood Family for about a year and have been fingerboarding for around 2 years. Sure as a fingerboarder, you should still remember the first day you meet fingerboards, so today I would like to share my experience.

One day when I was hanging around in a library looking for some books. Somehow the sun shined on a magazine that was lying next to a window. I was quite surprise how the sun is like a spot light lightning up the magazine but not the others. So I picked it up, when I looked at the cover, there was this finger on a tech deck which suddenly drag my attention.

As I got back home I get onto the internet and start searching “tech deck” and “fingerboards”. I was interested in it so much that I start making my own fingerboards with rubbers and cardboard,  few months after,  I called my cousins who live in the USA to get me some of those “tech deck” and start my real fingerboarding.

I’ve enjoyed doing it so much and learned one new trick every week by watching tutorial on YouTube. From that moment, I start discovering more about fingerboards such as Prowood, BlackRiver etc.  I also start making my own videos on YouTube and opened the first Fingerboard Company in Hong Kong.