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More Fingerboard Ramps and Obstacles? YES!

I am very pleased to report that we have been super busy, here at Prowood Fingerboards.  We’ve been selling our fingerboards, as always, but I am also happy to report that we are doing well with our new fingerboard ramps too.  Haven’t seen all the news ones yet? Take a sneak peek here!

Two Ledges Bank, New Fingerboard Obstacle

Two Ledges Bank, New Fingerboard Obstacle

We are very pleased to announce our new Two Ledges Bank, Fingerboard Obstacle, priced starting at: $31.99.  This beautifully hand-crafted, 1/2″ architectural plywood Two Ledge Bank obstacle will keep you entertained for hours! Two ledges for twice as much fun with a great bank for extra options. Ledges lined with square coping for even more trick options! Amazaing craftsmanship here!

Height: 4″ (top level)
Width: 10″
Length: 11 ”
Lower ledge is 2″

Fingerboard Box Obstacle

Fingerboard Box Obstacle

Next, check out our Fingerboard Box Obstacle, priced starting at: $15.99. Check out this beautifully hand-crafted, 1/2″ plywood Box obstacle. This beautiful wooden box comes with with square coping for even more trick options.

Height: 1 9/16″
Width: 4 1/16″
Length: 11 1/4″

Fingerboard Kicker Obstacle

Fingerboard Kicker Obstacle

Beautifully crafted Kicker ramp made from 1/2 architectural plywood, priced starting at $17.99.  Super smooth finish with a sick, smooth and slick edging make this a #1 choice in fingerboard ramps! You won’t believe the craftsmanship!

Height: 3″
Width: 8″
Length: 8 1/2″

Picnic Table Fingerboard Obstacle

Picnic Table Fingerboard Obstacle

Starting at: $24.95, this beautifully crafted Picnic Table obstacle made of 1/2″ architectural plywood. Super smooth finish with a sick, smooth and slick edging make this a #1 choice in fingerboard ramps! You won’t believe the craftsmanship!

Height: 3″
Width: 6 9/16″
Length: 10″

This table will provide hours of enjoy and look great in any park! The table is topped with aluminum sliders for even more fun.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that all of our obstacles are hand-crafted, right here in the USA?

I’ll close this article for now, but watch here for more updates.  You won’t believe what is coming next!



Are You Entered to Win our $100 Shopping Spree?

Hello Friends!
Sorry, it has been quite a while since I have taken the time to update this part of the website. We have had a very successful holiday season and are just about to give out one of our biggest prize packages ever! That’s right! On February 10th, we will be announcing the name of one lucky winner who will be awarded a $100 Shopping Spree! It’s too late for new entries, but for those of you who are eligible, I wish you all great luck!

Watch right here for the winning announcement!

New Website Design is Here!

Hello friends!
I wanted to be the first to let you know that the new look and feel for our website is now live!. In honor of this great occasion, I will be giving away a free COMPLETE Black Label Fingerboard to one lucky winner who comments below with their thoughts on the new site layout!

I will be choosing a winner on April 30, so you have plenty of time to check out the site updates and post your thoughts below!

I won’t be posting the details of this anywhere else, so you will have to post here to take advantage of this give-a-way!

I wish good luck to all of you!


Want Prowood To Sponsor Your Event? Read this…

Event Sponsorship

We get tons of requests to sponsor events so we have finally decided that we will sponsor only 1 event each month. To even be considered, you must be expecting at least 50 attendees.  If you are interested in having us sponsor your event, I will need the following information from you sent in an email to Jim@Prowoodfingerboards.com:

Please tell me the following about the event:
– Who is involved and organizing this? real names!
– Names of your sponsors and what they are providing
– How many attendees are you expecting?
– Date, time and location of the event
– If someone wants to join the event, do they have to sign up some where? email you? What do they need to do? Just show up?

Here is what I will do if we chose to sponsor the event:
* We will send prizes depending on the size of the event.
* I will post your event on our Facebook so that other Prowood fans can join
* I will post an announcement video on our youtube channel (but you have to make the video)

Here is what you need to do:
* If you haven’t already, can you please make a video announcing the event and post it to youtube. Post the date, location, prizes details, sponsor names, organizer names, etc. Make sure you tag ‘Prowood’ in the video so I can find it easily.
* During the event, make several videos, including when you award the prizes. Be sure to thank all your sponsors in the video, including us! The more video you post, the better. The more you mention your sponsors, the more they will support you again!
* During the event, keep track of how many attendees you have and as many details as you can and tell us about it!
* Please provide the email addresses (or youtube names) of your winners that get Prowood Prizes. We will want to contact them to see if they like what we sent!
* Tell me, if others want to attend, do people need to sign up somewhere? Where do I direct my facebook fans to sign up?