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Are You Entered to Win our $100 Shopping Spree?

Hello Friends!
Sorry, it has been quite a while since I have taken the time to update this part of the website. We have had a very successful holiday season and are just about to give out one of our biggest prize packages ever! That’s right! On February 10th, we will be announcing the name of one lucky winner who will be awarded a $100 Shopping Spree! It’s too late for new entries, but for those of you who are eligible, I wish you all great luck!

Watch right here for the winning announcement!

Holiday Shipping Update


Hello friends! Order volumes are definitely increasing which means the Post Office will certainly start taking longer to make their deliveries. If you need a package for a holiday gift, be sure to give us all (the post office included) plenty of time for packing, shipping and delivery.

Given this busy time of year, we require 1-2 days to prepare your package for shipping. This means that means that we CANNOT ship your package the same day you order. You must give us time to process it BEFORE it hits the post. So, if you order 2 day shipping on a Monday, do not expect your package on Wednesday, it will most likely not arrive until Friday. (no worries, we provide tracking information so you can follow the order along the process route.)

In the US, please ensure that any orders needed prior to December 24 are place NO LATER than December 16. From December 14th – 20th, I would recommend upgrading to Priority Mail.

Outside the US, please ensure that any orders needed prior to December 24 are place NO LATER than December 2. However, due to differences in customs processing in each country, I would recommend that starting immediately, please upgrade your shipping to at least Priority Mail to ensure timely delivery. If you order post December 16th, I would suggest you only use Global Express service.

Interview With a Team Rider: Alexis Garcia

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Prowood team? Well, here is your chance ! We ask several riders in an exclusive one on one interview for some insider details and a few tips and tricks on what it takes to make the Prowood Team. Today’s rider is Californian fingerboarder Alexis Garcia !

Q. Tell a little about how you got into fingerboarding and who inspires you.

A: One day I was so bored on YouTube, I typed in ‘Tech Decks’ to see what videos I could find. The video was called “tech deck dudes” and I thought fingerboarding looked so fun! It was a trend at my school. EVERYBODY had tech decks and I wanted to be the best around. Alexis Milant and Mike Schnieder are my true inspirations to fingerboarding.

Q. How did you come to know about Prowood?

A: I think it was through a review on vicious274’s account. He review the Prowood Speedsters and his custom “2 Fingers. PEACE!” deck. I thought that was pretty sick!

Q. What do you enjoy most about being a Prowood team member?

A: The team of course! Everybody is just so good! So glad to be a part of a legit team.

Q. What’s your favorite Prowood deck shape and size?

A: 30mm extreme model. Anything with a graphic on it really. A black and purple tye dye graphic would be so SICK though!

Q. What is your absolute favorite trick?

A: Switch flip bs tails hands down!!

Q. Finally, any tips or tricks for beginners?

A: Stay committed! If you enjoying fingerboarding, keep doing it. (:

Thank you Alexis for your excellent advice, and welcome to the team ! To see some of his awesome fingerboard videos, check out his channel at : http://www.youtube.com/user/techboarder

Interview With a Team Rider: Jacob Jesso

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Prowood team? Well, here is your chance ! We ask several riders in an exclusive one on one interview for some insider details and a few tips and tricks on what it takes to make the Prowood Team. Today’s rider is Canadian fingerboarder Jacob Jesso !

Q. Tell a little about how you got into fingerboarding and who inspires you.    

A: I started out using tech decks, and went online and noticed that people made wooden decks (tech decks, I thought at the time) that were actually called fingerboards. Allot of unique Youtubers Inspire me, especially when its a good finger boarder.

Q. How did you come to know about Prowood?                                                                                  
A: I searched up ‘ wooden fingerboards’ online, and Prowood was one of the top answers. I checked them out and ever since day 1 I tried getting a sponsorship. I persisted and got it !

Q. What do you enjoy most about being a Prowood team member?                                                  
A: All of the team members! It’s great to know that I have a team to support my answer whenever people ask me why I fingerboard. Also, having an amazing sponsor like Prowood helps to equip me with everything I need for my fingerboarding videos.

Q.Whats your favorite Prowood deck shape and size?                                                                   
A: Prowood Classic Mold deck , 32mm !

Q.What is your absolutely favorite trick?

A: Frontside Bigspin / Frontside Bigspin Noseslide

Q.Finally, any tips or tricks for beginners?

A: Be persistant and continue to watch others fingerboarders’ videos to learn new tricks. Try out different angles to make your videos awesome ! Most importantly, you don’t need an expensive fingerboard to be good.It’s all about trial and error. The more you practice, the better you get !

Thank you Jacob for your excellent advice ! To see some of his amazing fingerboard videos, check out his channel at :http://www.youtube.com/user/SteezyFingers96

Summer time…

Summer time is always a favorite time of year for our family. We hit the skate park, the pool, and do a lot of grilling with the kiddos. I will say, summer is our favorite time of the year. Of course, it is not because work is not any slower, in fact, I find I have more places to be then I have time in the day…. however, I think the nice weather, the green grass, the full garden and more, just make it ‘better’.

I also like the summer in that I can get out more, talk to more people and get more input into what I am doing that works well, and what I can do to improve. That’s how I run Prowood Fingerboards. I look for ways to do it better, for less money, and add in extra quality. In crafting fingerboards, it is easy to be content, to keep the same shapes, the same designs, the same products… but I reach out and try to do better, each and every day. I want you all to know that quality is our most important goal.

I’m working on a deeper concave board right now, but I have not gotten it quite right yet. I want to make sure that if I add another mold, that it is what you all want. That is works for you and adds value and quality, not just another way to sell boards. Does the shape help make tricks smoother? slicker? easier? Does the concave provide better control? Does it work better with small hands? large hands?

Also, another highlight of summer is that I get to offer super specials! Have you checked out our I Love Prowood Package? On sale now for only $99.00, yes, that’s 20% off, the I Love Prowood Fingerboard Package includes one Prowood Graphic FingerBoard each month for the next 12 months! You choose the shape, we chose the board and size.

Your first board will, of course, be the ‘I LOVE PROWOOD’ design! This is the only way you can purchase this board!
- See more at: http://prowoodfingerboards.com/pro-packages/i-love-prowood-package

So, I’m still working… harder than ever and hope you see that I put only the highest quality into the products we offer you at Prowood Fingerboards. Trucks, wheels, boards, grip.. yep, we are working to make it all better.

Have a suggestion or a comment? Post it here, or shoot me an email, I’m always happy to hear what you have to say!

For now, go enjoy the sunshine and the good weather and have fun!

How to Fingerboard Contest Winners

First and foremost, thank you to everyone that entered our ‘Tricktionary’ contest. If you aren’t aware, our ‘Tricktionary‘ is a part of our web site where you can learn ‘How to Fingerboard’. Check it out and let us know if you find this helpful. I know it has helped me learn some new tricks!

As to the contest, there were a ton of great entries! It was really hard to choose the winners but here they are!

Prowood Tricktionary 2013 Winning Entries:

1. How To: Impossible-Indy-Board Varial

2. How To: Ghetto Bird

3. How To: BackFinger Hospital flip

4. How to: Pressure Flip


We are also proud to announce the winners for a spot on the Prowood Team!

Jacob Jesso


Zaim Anuar

Thanks again to you all!

Constant Updates

Dear Friends,
We hope you will continue to check out our webstore! As you can see, we’ve added several new products, just in time for the holidays, as well as specials on some tried and true favorites!

We are super busy this holiday season and cannot thank you enough for your continued support of Prowood Fingerboards.

Check out our great deals on all of our Wildwood Fingerboards with our new ‘WILD‘ deal.   Prowood is going WILD!

For a limited time, choose any Prowood Wildwood Fingerboard, and you can purchase a second Wildwood Fingerboard for only $4 more. Hurry, this limited time special won’t last long!

Also, get ready!

We are soon going to be launching a new look and feel in our online store. Can’t wait? Here’s a sneak peek. Be sure to tell what you think!

Stay tuned, more great stuff will be headed your way soon!


Want Prowood To Sponsor Your Event? Read this…

Event Sponsorship

We get tons of requests to sponsor events so we have finally decided that we will sponsor only 1 event each month. To even be considered, you must be expecting at least 50 attendees.  If you are interested in having us sponsor your event, I will need the following information from you sent in an email to Jim@Prowoodfingerboards.com:

Please tell me the following about the event:
- Who is involved and organizing this? real names!
- Names of your sponsors and what they are providing
- How many attendees are you expecting?
- Date, time and location of the event
- If someone wants to join the event, do they have to sign up some where? email you? What do they need to do? Just show up?

Here is what I will do if we chose to sponsor the event:
* We will send prizes depending on the size of the event.
* I will post your event on our Facebook so that other Prowood fans can join
* I will post an announcement video on our youtube channel (but you have to make the video)

Here is what you need to do:
* If you haven’t already, can you please make a video announcing the event and post it to youtube. Post the date, location, prizes details, sponsor names, organizer names, etc. Make sure you tag ‘Prowood’ in the video so I can find it easily.
* During the event, make several videos, including when you award the prizes. Be sure to thank all your sponsors in the video, including us! The more video you post, the better. The more you mention your sponsors, the more they will support you again!
* During the event, keep track of how many attendees you have and as many details as you can and tell us about it!
* Please provide the email addresses (or youtube names) of your winners that get Prowood Prizes. We will want to contact them to see if they like what we sent!
* Tell me, if others want to attend, do people need to sign up somewhere? Where do I direct my facebook fans to sign up?