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Make a Fingerboard!

It’s Make A Fingerboard Month!!!

I wanted to let you know that we have a lot of great things going on at Prowood Fingerboards right now, including a terrific sale on all of our ‘Make a Fingerboard’ supplies. Everything you need to custom create or design your own fingerboard is on sale now!

Have you seen our new fingerboard ramps and obstacles? I’m working hard to keep them in stock. Watch our website for updates! I am pretty proud of how well crafted they are. Have you seen them? Do you have feedback for me? We have sold a lot of our boxes, slants and banks so be sure to order now to ensure you can get exactly what you want!

Like I said, we are celebrating ‘Make a Fingerboard’ month! In addition to the great sale prices on these products, we are also hosting a contest. Make a fingerboard (or design your own fingerboard) and you could win big! Details in the facebook or Youtube. Contest ends November 30.

To enter the contest, you will simply need to post a picture of a fingerboard you have made or designed on our facebook or twitter pages.

Not sure where or how to get started? Check out this helpful ‘Make A Fingerboard’ chart:

Make a fingerboard helper

Get started making a fingerboard with Prowood!

Whether you want to make a board using our veneer, or you simply have a great design in mind, here at Prowood Fingerboards, we can help you Make a Fingerboard. Easy peasy!

Lastly, we are hosting team tryouts! All details are posted in Artur’s video. We hope you will consider making a video and tryout out for our team. We can’t wait to see what you have to offer up!

Good luck to you all and get those entries in before December 15th!

Hot New Stuff- a new twist on branding!

How can the fingerboard business get any hotter? I know!
I’m going to be trying out these brand new branding irons on my new ramps and obstacles.
Cannot wait to give it a hot!

Fingerboard Brand

Brand for new fingerboards, ramps and obstacles

Small Fingerboard Brand

Brand for new fingerboards, ramps and obstacles

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of his hand

An Irish blessing for all my friends!

Fingerboard w/ Clover design


The Most Fingerboards!

We have over 360 DIFFERENT Fingerboards in stock, RIGHT NOW! You choose the size, the shape and the graphic!

We offer 3 different board shapes in sizes from 28mm – 32mm with over 30 graphics and colors for you to choose!

Yes, we have the largest selection of boards out there! We make our fingerboards, EVERY DAY, just the way you want.

PS… If you want us to use a graphic you create, NO PROBLEM. We got you covered there too!

Put Some Concave on It !


Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release of Prowood’s new mold, the Concave shape! This new shape will feature the amazing kicks of the Extreme mold with added concave for an outstanding feel. Tested extensively and designed to exceed quality standards, the Concave shape will surely collaborate with even the most demanding styles. Be sure to get it first, and unlock a whole new level of fun!

Protrucks 32mm mod

Hey guys ! It’s Xavier Brandon here , the newest Prowood team member!

Today, I have an amazing modification you can make to your Pro-Trucks so that they fit any size deck!  Have you ever wanted to buy 32mm trucks, but couldn’t afford them? Well , now you have a chance to make your own.. using spare parts that you already have!

First things first:

You will need :   Prowood HP Pro-trucks ( will not work with basic Pro-trucks )

4  Pro-wheel bearings ( or any wheel bearings will work 😉

( for those who don’t have 4 available bearings, a multiple layer of large or small truck tuning washers will work just as fine.)

You will need a total of 12-16 washers for this method.

A little bit of super glue ( optional) ( this is for those who are using  older Pro-trucks and the wheel axle screws are not as tight)


Start off by removing the wheel axle screws ( for those who don’t know , those are the four Allen key screws poking out of the sides of the hanger) from the truck hangars .

Choose your favorite set of Pro-wheels and slip them on the screws. Now, instead of screwing them back in .. take those 4 old bearings and also slip them on the remaining  part of the screw ( one bearing per screw) over the Pro- wheels ( if you are using washers, stack 3-4 washers over each wheel).

If you have new trucks , please disregard the following step.

Place a small dot of super glue on the threaded part of the axle screw before screwing in. This will add thickness to the screws and prevent them from loosening during riding.

Please note: Take special care not to get glue on your Pro-Wheel or the bearing,  for this will cause seizure of the wheels and will prevent them from spinning.  Now, just screw in the whole thing. Viola!

Instant 32 to 32 1/2 mm trucks 😀 ( depends on bearing thickness).

Thanks you guys for checking out this cool project! I want to thank former team rider Dany Mato for the original idea . And remember, this procedure works best with Prowood fingerboarding equipment.


Why Fingerboards Are Great Gifts For The Holidays!

It’s that time of the year again, when people are exasperated by trying to choose holiday gifts. Of course, you can just go with typical presents people buy, like sweaters and socks, but if you want to get something interesting, you might want to consider giving a Prowood Fingerboard for Christmas.

Simply put, Fingerboards are Unique and Fun Gifts!

What is a fingerboard?
Well, it is a finger sized skate board, used by people all over the world for enjoyment, education and fun! It can help the serious skateboarder visual and work thru tricks on the full size boards, or be used on just about any surface in the house to simply play and have fun with!

Yes, it’s true! A finger skateboard is one of the best gifts that you can give to youngster nowadays. It will provide hours of fun and excitement. It is not too big, won’t take up a ton of space and can be used just about anywhere! Kids immediately understand what it’s for and they will be able to appreciate it. If you personally know people who are into fingerboarding, then you don’t have to think twice about giving a Prowood Fingerboard as a gifts. Even people who are into full size skateboarding will appreciate a finger skateboard as a gift!

Why Buy Fingerboards As A Gift?
Believe it or not, there are thousands of fingerboard enthusiasts worldwide! Prowood Fingerboards has over 36,000 fans in facebook alone! Yes, people of all ages are really are into fingerboarding. There are national and international competitions in the sport and honestly, it is a ton of fun! For the avid boarder, you can give this mini board with a unique design that they can add to their collection, so why not give them the best with a Prowood?

What about other sport enthusiasts?
Yes!! There are always people around you who are fond of sports in general. Moreover, you at least know a couple more people who are into skateboarding, handboarding, or even snowboarding. These are the types of people that would appreciate the quality of a Prowood Fingerboard.

If YOU love fingerboarding or skateboarding, a Prowood Fingerboard will be a gift that will be cherished and appreciated! In fact, to make it more fun, you can share to them how to fingerboard so that they will learn to appreciate the sport, and they will understand why you love and collect these items.

Buy Fingerboards at Prowood Fingerboards
You don’t have to go very far to order these unique gifts for the holiday. Right in the comfort of your home and in front of your computer, you can search for the best collection of designs and sizes from Prowood Fingerboards.

Prowood Fingerboards have the most unique designs for collectors. They have a full selection of fingerboard products. They offer fully assembled ones, or you can also customize a fingerboard with your own designs with their make-your-own fingerboard products.

There are also rails, ramps and obstacles that you can purchase to go with the board as well as accessories available like Pro-Tape and Pro-Wheels. Prowood also offers packages and sets perfect for your friends and family members who are real collectors and enthusiasts of fingerboarding.

Aside from boards, Prowood also offers a variety of items like shirts, gift certificates and stickers. This just means that you can creatively come up with different items from their online store and make the best gift customized to the needs of your friends and family who are fingerboard lovers.

The best convenience of this gift is that you can avoid the Christmas rush in physical stores. You can just order online and wait for your Prowood items to get shipped to your home. Now, you’re ready for holiday gift-giving.
Making Finger Size Skateboards

Fingerboarding Today and a Little History

Fingerboards, also known as finger skate boards or Tech decks, are a popular popular hobby and unlike skateboards, riders use their fingers instead of feet. They are often a small replica of a skateboard and were said to be created in the late 1970’s.

Real tricks or skating maneuvers can be performed on the fingerboard, In fact, there are hundreds of events organized each year for those who enjoy the sport where people can compete, shop, watch or simply test out new products.

Some professional skaters use these finger sized skateboards as a tool to plan out their movements for competition while others consider the skateboard replica as a form of hobby, collection or just for enjoyment.

Fingerboarding may look easier compared to riding a real skateboard and it is obviously a bit safer. However, don’t be fooled, fingerboarding is quite difficult and good riders spend hours upon hours practicing their skills.

Tricks on finger skateboarding resemble tricks on full size boards wherein you use the tail or back end and middle of the board to perform. Some tricks are innovative and some are more classic styles or what riders call “old school”. You simply start by putting your middle finger on the tail while your index finger goes on the middle of the board or vice versa as you visualize yourself riding a real skateboard and doing similar tricks such as ollie, super ollie, shove-it, finger flip, etc.

Here at Prowood Fingerboards, one of the leading makers of finger skateboards in the Unites States, we offer durable, unique, and affordable boards. We have plenty of cool designs to choose from and Tech Deck lovers would definitely appreciate the quality and care Prowood uses in the unique creation of our boards.

We also customize designs, sell stickers, ramps and obstacles for more challenging and fun fingerboarding. Our bestsellers are our Pro-series and Complete Pro-series fingerboards which are all handcrafted and made of high quality 5 ply boards, just like how real skateboards are made. We offer inexpensive but still superior fingerboards to those who are on a tight budget.

Three model boards are offered by Prowood Fingerboards:
– Classic: medium to high kicks and medium concave.
– Extreme: shorter between the deep defined kicks and more concave
– Venti: designed for riders with bigger fingers or those who prefer longer boards. Deep defined dips, medium kicks and concave.

At Prowood Fingerboards, decks, tapes, trucks, wheels and tuning kits with tools are also available and of course, we are willing to customize, assemble or modify your preferred finger skateboard for an affordable price.

Prowood was chosen by UFBA or United Fingerboard Association to supply fingerboards and will be one of the sponsors on the grand opening of TIMZ XL Tour Chicago this November. We receive a lot of event sponsorship requests from their fans and there is no need to wonder why Prowood brand is successful! We think it is because of the great fans we have who continue to support us and help spread the good name of Prowood Fingerboards to all.

In addition to the quality of materials we use, our attractive designs and reasonable prices, we also give freebies from time to time with our orders. We also host give-a-ways, contests and more and you can find us right online in Facebook, youtube, twitter, our own website, and more!

Looking for that special holiday gift idea? You can also purchase a gift certificate exclusively for Prowood Fingerboard products which is fast and easy way to surprise your favorite skate boarder or fingerboarder. Don’t forget, shipment is free in the United States and available at a very reasonable cost outside the USA. Won’t you check us out today?


Lots of folks ask my why do I make fingerboards. Why did I start making fingerboards? The answer is simple.  It’s just too awesome not to!

As I hope you have all seen in our TV interview, I got started making fingerboards when Weston (my pro-skateboarder son), asked me to make one for him.

Prowood Makes the News! Click here to watch!

I have always loved working with my hands…… making things, fixing things, just getting dirty.  I’ve built skate ramps in my own and have bought and fixed up and sold more cars than I can count.  It’s just what I do.

When it comes to making fingerboards, for me, it’s about the building and creating.  I love to work with wood.  I love finding new ways to shape it, new designs to add to it, new ways to make fingerboards better.

I am not a web savvy person so I have lots of help when it comes to updating my webstore and the like.  I am learning, slowly.  It’s fun to do, but not nearly as rewarding as simply ‘building something’.

So, yes, that is why I do it.

So, I am interested to know more about you. Why do you do what you do?  Comment below.




Prowood Fingerboards Goes Old School

That’s right.. You have been asking and we are listening. Check out our website for several new fingerboard graphics and a BRAND, NEW, OLD SCHOOL shape Rata Rebel board. It’s pretty much just like the one I rode as a kid in the 1970’s…

Old Skool Rebel Fingerboard, Starting at: $20.95
Introducing a brand new, OLD SKOOL shape Rasta Rebel fingerboard. This unique shape was inspired by the Old Skool skateboard designs of the 1970’s. This board has a pointy nose, tapered body and square tail with medium dips and medium concave. At the widest, this board is close to 30mm wide and 101mm long.

Here’s a link to the new design!

Keep your feedback coming! We do our best to provide you with the products and services you want at reasonable prices. Yep, it’s what I do..

Have a great day!